A resident at RMBI Care Co. Home Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court in Stisted, Essex, has celebrated her 100th birthday.

Ethel McMillan enjoyed a party at the Home, where she has lived since 2015, with forty of her family and friends. She was presented with a birthday cake made by the Home’s chef, whilst everyone sang Happy Birthday!

She was amazed and delighted to receive 70 birthday cards from well-wishers! Among them was an official birthday card from Her Majesty the Queen.

Ethel was born in Hackney, East London on 24 November 1919, just over a year after The Armistice was signed, putting an end to the fighting of the First World War.

During the Second World War, Ethel served in The Civil Defence Corps. For many years, she worked as a secretary in the import and export business.

Ethel was married for 77 years to her husband Richard, who she met in 1940, making theirs one of the longest marriages in the country. Sadly, Richard passed away two years ago.

She has enjoyed a very active life, contributing to her local community, singing in her church choir and selling Remembrance Day poppies each year.

Ethel says that her secret to having a long and happy life is: “Finding a lifelong partner to spend the rest of your life with, that’s the key.”

Asked if she had any advice for young generations, she said: “Find happiness and hold onto it forever.”

Dani Lane, Activities Coordinator at Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court, said: “We loved celebrating Ethel’s 100th birthday at our Home and it was wonderful that so many of her friends and family could be with her. She had a lovely time and enjoyed a glass of wine with her birthday cake. She was genuinely amazed to receive so many cards!”

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