Having arrived back to the peace and sanctuary of my home, from a weekly trip to Colchester, I am minded to write about the transport supplied and run by First buses.

The journey into town in the morning on a number 70 double-decker bus was fine, followed by shopping and a lunchtime concert in Lion walk Church.

Then to catch the 2.40pm number 70 bus home meant a long plod to the end of Crouch Street as this service no longer stops in St John’s Street.

A few minutes before time crowds of students arrived, the number 88 Halstead bus came first with the number 70 close behind.

Students for relevant buses pushed to the front, leaving those who had been waiting longest at the back of the queue.

The 70 bus was inexplicably a single-decker.

Already carrying infants and pushchairs, it was soon overcrowded.

More people piled on at the old hospital stop, one a man with a small child with its bicycle.

Inevitably people started alighting in Lexden Road, Stanway and Copford.

By Marks Tey we could breathe again.

Surely the 65 and 61 buses would be more comfortable for the local passengers, leaving the 70, 71 and 88 buses for the long distance travellers.

Maybe some of these get left behind.

Problem over? No, once arriving in Coggeshall pupils from Honywood School piled on and the bus, single-decker remember, was again overcrowded.

Two stops later when I got off I had to force my way through the standing pupils.

Where was a double-decker - why isn’t the old 70X used at these times?

First should liaise with these educational establishments to get some idea of student passenger numbers.

Management from the bus companies should observe at stops with councillors in tow to find out exactly what goes on daily.

Get out of your offices, away from your computers and make travelling by bus the pleasant experience it should be.

Edith Tebbitt

Church Street, Coggeshall