A FORMER PE teacher has become a super slimmer by shedding nearly 10st after the death of his three brothers.

David Manson, 56, decided he needed to do something to protect his own health after the death of brothers Robert, James and George.

David weighed in at a whopping 26st when he attended his first Slimming World meeting in Dunmow, where he lives.

His brothers Robert and James both lost their lives to bowel cancer.

Robert, 51, died in 2004, just five months after being diagnosed and James died in 2015 following a long battle with the disease.

David also suffered the loss of oldest brother George to a heart attack in 2014.

He said: “It impacted my unhealthy relationship with food as a comfort.

"I always struggled with my weight and I always shied away from going to a group because of how I thought I’d be received.

“I have had an emotional relationship with food since my early teens.

"It has had a big effect on my life, even on my career opportunities and progression."

Since joining Slimming World, David has lost nine and a half stone.

He has even started running half-marathons in memory of his brothers.

So far he has raised more than £3,000 in aid of Bowel Cancer UK.

He said: “I had many preconceptions about what the group would be like, from the other people and who would be there to how I would be received, but the reality was completely the opposite.

“It was friendly, supportive and there were other men. Once in the group, I never looked back.”

Club boss Lydia Chandler said: “I am so proud of David. I remember the first evening he walked through our doors and I am so happy to see the transformation in him – not just with his fantastic weight loss, but with his whole demeanour and confidence.”

David has now been crowned Man of the Year 2019 at his slimming group.

Next year, he hopes to run the London Marathon in memory of his brothers.