We have heard little about the plans for 72 houses to be built on the Gimsons site since Braintree Council approved the development on March 19.

At that time, the council’s planning development manager was authorised to grant planning permission subject to certain conditions.

One of the conditions was that in the event that a suitable planning obligation not being agreed within three calendar months, the planning development manager was authorised to refuse planning permission.

One of the obligations related to the erection of cricket ball netting for the sports field adjacent to Helen Court.

Bellway is now seeking planning permission for such netting which will border a public right of way.

It will be 15 metres high, 48 metres wide and supported by 15 metre high tubular steel poles.

In its application the developers have the audacity to say this “does not materially detract from the character of the settlement, is in keeping with existing surrounding development, respects amenities and seeks to protect the character and historic interest of the locality”.

This statement is just so ludicrous that it could well be found in your Christmas cracker.

Dudley Chignall

Tudor Close, Witham