BIKE-RIDING yobs who are terrorising people across Braintree must be stopped before someone is hurt, a young driver has warned.

The driver, who the Times agreed not to name, was on the receiving end of the yobs’ mindless actions at the weekend when they damaged her car in Coggeshall Road.

The victim has shared dashcam footage of the incident on social media which shows the suspects travelling in the middle of the road and holding up cars on both sides.

One can be seen narrowly avoiding an oncoming vehicle before riding up close to the victim’s vehicle where they are then said to have lashed out and damaged the her car.

The victim said: “The young boy to the right of me held back and rode into the side of my car. He scraped his bike along the bumper and also used his foot to kick it.

“I’ve really not got any idea how much it will cost me to repair it.

“I’m new to driving as I only passed my test in February this year. I would definitely say it isn’t going to be cheap as I’ve got some nasty scratches, a dent and broken plastic.

“Obviously I did feel angry because not only are they putting themselves at risk, they’re putting us drivers at risk too.

“I had my younger sister in the car with me, so I locked my doors straight away.

“They were swearing, sticking their fingers up and imitating some sexual gestures, so that also made me feel rather offended and disgusted.”

Essex Police has launched an investigation into the incident, which happened at about 7.45pm on Saturday

The victim admits she is now afraid to go out in her car at night but has called for action to be taken against the yobs.

She added: “My Facebook post has reached quite an audience and I’ve received lots of messages telling me the names of the two boys and how much havoc they’ve caused to not only people in public but shops also.

“I’ve had staff from Tesco and Sainsbury’s explaining how the two young lads cause nothing but trouble in the stores and as a result, have been banned.

“They need to be stopped.”

Anyone with information about the incident should call Braintree police on 101.