A mobile service provider has defended its decision to install a temporary mast in Bocking.

EE came under fire last week for putting up the tower off Church Lane and is facing scrutiny from Braintree Council, which stated it was investigating whether the firm needed permission for the structure.

EE says the installation of the temporary mast was done on an emergency basis to ensure mobile coverage in the area was unaffected by the removal of equipment, which was attached to a building due to be demolished.

A spokesman said: "A mast in the Braintree area has been removed due to the demolition of a building, and we’ve installed a temporary mast to ensure the area remains connected.

"We’re working closely with the local planning authority and community to find a permanent solution in line with planning procedures, which we always strictly follow.”

Under the Electronic Communications Code, operators are able to install and operate equipment as an emergency, to keep the community connect.