AN ENTERTAINMENT show that was pulled last week following the death of 39 Vietnamese migrants found in an shipping container in Grays, is now set to air tonight on Channel 4.

Smuggled follows a group of eight British people who will try to evade border security and make into the UK undetected - without their passports.

It was scheduled to air last Monday, but was pulled due to fears it may have been seen as insensitive following the tragic incident on October 23.

Channel 4 defended the decision stating it was of urgent public interest following criticism from the Home Office who branded the broadcaster as "irresponsible".

David Modell, the executive producer of the series, told the Guardian: “It was absolutely a collective decisions and one that everybody felt very comfortable with.

“We all felt we want it to go out with in proximity to the tragedy because it does something helpful.”

The series, with the first show airing at 9pm tonight, will see lorry driver Tony test the authorities in Calais by trying to smuggle youth-worker Alim through undetected.

As well as journalist, Khurram, who will attempt to enter the UK with someone else’s passport.