A LETTER last week from a Foxearth resident highlighted the bad behaviour from “some” Conservative group councillors, at a recent meeting of Braintree District Council.

There is no place for bad behaviour in local government. I believe I was right to stop the meeting and point this out.

The opposition seats, of which I now sit (after 16 years a Conservative councillor), should provide an opportunity for the smaller minority groups to raise issues with the leadership group, on important issues that impact our district, without being personally intimidated.

One of the important issues I have raised lately is the state of the pavements in Braintree town centre.

Since I raised this issue, at a meeting of Braintree District Council, two actions have occurred: 1) An update from the leadership at Braintree District Council will be given (at its December meeting) on future improvement to the pavements; 2) Minor improvements have been carried out to the pavements.

On the latter, what could be mistaken for black “sticking plasters” (in the form of tarmac squares) have appeared to replace crooked and cracked pavements.

It is not perfect and by no means complete as many more dangerous defects still continue to provide trip hazards in Braintree town centre and, quite frankly, our “historic” town deserves better.

As I have previously stated, I am proud of Braintree town centre. Like most residents, I rely on it for services and provisions, I just want it to improve, grow and prosper.

Its manufacturing and textile history mean we have a town of significant value hard-wired into our backbone, from our roots. This is our unique identity.

The leadership at Braintree District Council, as we have no other local council or town mayor to represent us, should continue to develop its transition of improvements by reaching out and listening to people. If we raise issues; it is genuinely because we care.

Joanne Beavis (Independent)

Hedinghams Ward Councillor