INSTALLING a 30-metre mast in Bocking would be “intrusive”, experts have said.

Mobile network giants EE is seeking planning permission to put the mast in Church Lane.

It says it needs to install the tower because existing equipment in the area will be lost when the building it is attached to is demolished.

The proposals have been objected to by 20 residents and an online petition against the scheme had gathered dozens of signatures.

Braintree Council’s planning committee will rule on the plans in a meeting on Tuesday, but has been advised to reject the proposals by planning officers.

A report put together by the officers states the mast would be “overtly prominent and visually intrusive” and there is no clear justification for the need to install it in the area. They also fear it would harm the character of the nearby conservation area, which includes a number of Grade II listed buildings.

Councillors will have the final say on the plans during the meeting, which takes place at Causeway House at 7.15pm.