After reading the comments from high and mighty Braintree councillors, they want us all to concentrate on the so-called garden communities, so we do not look at back door, speculative development.

All of Braintree district’s constituents should think about the way councillors Graham Butland, Tom Cunningham, Gabriella Spray, John McKee, and the so-called visionary Richard van Dulken have put forward the garden communities.

The biggest problem with Braintree Council is it wishes to keep the back door open for speculative development. If you don’t live in the areas where speculative development is going on you don’t engage with the problems.

We know we need extra homes.

There are enough homes already allocated to cover “Part Two” of the Local Plan, so why don’t the councillors put it in place?

Braintree Village is looking at the build up of speculative development, it might soon be Braintree Garden Village.

Just look at the A120 Galleys Corner roundabout (some people know it as the McDonald’s roundabout) with all the traffic that uses it for the main B1018 Witham to Braintree Road. The intention from Wyevales roundabout is to put in another roundabout that has the potential of having 250 homes plus an Aldi store.

An application has been put in by Braintree Properties Plc, then within a quarter of a mile Gladmans Properties has put in its application for 360 homes, with three access points on to the B1018 Witham to Braintree Road, then after that, next to Cressing School, Countryside will start to build 225 homes with yet another roundabout.

The B1018 Witham to Braintree Road is a main road where there have been traffic problems on the A120 or A12 Kelvedon.

How much more pollution will it put on Cressing?

It is time for people in the Braintree district to look at all the fields being taken over by building sites.

Stand together and we can stop our fields disappearing.

Stand up to Braintree Council so we can stop the madness.

Bryan Fitch

Mill Lane, Cressing