PLANS to create a new cocktail bar and cafe for in Braintree High Street have been revealed.

Matthew Dawes, of Allamber Limited, has applied to Braintree Council for planning permission to convert an empty unit in the street into the new day and nighttime venue.

Between 11am until 3pm the premises would operate as a coffee shop, serving alcoholic drinks and snacks in the afternoon through into the evening.

The new business would create one full-time and three part-time jobs for the town if plans are approved.

A planning report, compiled by Edward Parsley Associates, states: "The conversion will allow the premises to be used as a small, high quality cocktail bar in the evenings and a coffee shop and working space during the daytime.

"It will accommodate a small number of people, with seating for only 32 customers at full capacity.

"The design and layout of the bar will be such alcohol will not be on display during the day time, where the focus will be on creating a space which local people and businesses can use to consume beverages and food, meet one another and work.

"In the evenings the bar will not have loud music and will focus on providing a relaxed atmosphere for the discerning evening customer.

"It will provide a pleasant experience with high calibre drinks to be consumed with food as a small accompaniment."

The bar could stay open until 12.30am on Friday and Saturday and 11.15pm on Thursday.

Opening hours will generally be shorter, but the applicant wants flexibility to open for occasional private social functions such as wine tastings or birthday parties.

The report continues: "The premises is intended to boost the profile and options available on the high street in both the day and evening and will compliment the existing establishments and offering.

"From the research I have undertaken and the expected development of the town centre over the next few years, I believe this premises is going to be both a viable and attractive development for the town, by seeking to provide a place for the 25 plus age group to come and experience a congenial atmosphere.

"The reputation the premises intends to build will create a trouble free and safe environment for adults - any behaviour which risks this reputation will not be tolerated."

Braintree Council's licensing committee granted the applicant a premises licence for the building last month.

The planning department will have the final say on the proposals.