PRODIGY legend Keith Flint has been immortalised at his hometown football club by a passionate street artist.

Braintree Town FC had identified a space next to the club's main grandstand to host a mural of the star, who passed away earlier this year.

Street artist David Nash, better known as Gnasher, jumped at the chance to work on the project.

He travelled from Hertfordshire to spend seven hours spray painting the mural on Monday.

"I did feel like as soon as I knew the club were looking for someone it had to be me," he said.

"I was gutted I couldn't make it here for his funeral.

"I have a local connection as my dad lives here, so I really wanted to do it when I got the chance.

"This is one of the biggest bands to come from Essex so this had to happen.

"I can still remember him crowd surfing at V Festival 1997. I am a huge Prodigy fan."

Mr Nash, 45, rediscovered his love for graffiti in 2009 after working as a DJ.

He has previously worked with football clubs including Crystal Palace, West Ham United, Grimsby Town and Swindon Town.

"Back in the day I kept getting arrested for doing graffiti illegally," he said.

"For my final art exam I did graffiti and I almost failed, it just wasn't seen as an art form. "Of course all that has changed now.

"I was asked later in life whether I wanted to do it again and I thought 'no, I'm too old.'

"But there were legal areas where you could do it and I ended up giving it a go.

"Before I knew it instead of meeting friends down at the pub, I was meeting them at a wall to paint.

"On day two I was commissioned to do some work."

Flint's funeral attracted thousands and a petition for a statue in the town gained over 10,000 signatures.

Jon Weaver, Braintree Town FC historian, said he was delighted with the result.

"All the time we've had the debate over the statue, we had this space right here," he said.

"I spoke with the members of the board and it was a unanimous decision to commission this.

"It was a fantastic idea.

"I was mesmerized watching the process and seeing it come together."