I would like to clarify some general points about the Local Plan as puzzling letters and comments abound in the local press and social media.

I refer to my letter “No rushing here” printed in the Times (September 5) which refers to the fact that 26 weeks has been set by for all town and parish councils, businesses and residents to “have your say” and comment on the Local Plan to Braintree Council.

Recently, Braintree Council has issued an informative four page document to every household in the district.

This details: 1. the story so far; 2. why garden communities; 3. what consultations have already taken place; 4. consulting on the following documents, plus listing details of how to comment and get in touch with the Braintree Council help team, if needed.

Braintree Council has advertised, for the duration, the consultation across all media, requesting comments.

This district-wide review, on specific, focused documents has recently been highlighted again by Braintree Council leader Graham Butland in the press.

Just as a reminder for everyone what has happened prior to the current topical Local Plan process.

Braintree Council exhibited an “Issues and Scoping Consultation” in Witham, Braintree and Halstead in 2015. It held 15 public meetings in 2016, including a breakfast business meeting in Earls Colne, with a post consultation in October of that year. This was followed with seven pre-submission forums in 2017.

The whole point of this evidence-based consultation is to comment directly back to Braintree Council. I hope many people do. To say that authorities are running scared is ludicrous.

Peter Schwier

Conservative district councillor for Gosfield and Greenstead Green ward