AN artist is aiming to put a village on the map when she exhibits her work to the public.

Denise Coles will be displaying some of her best work at the Dome Gallery above Braintree Library throughout the next four weeks.

Ms Coles has produced a series of works which are based in a host ofeature buildings and scenes in her home village of Bocking.

She said: “Many motorists see Bocking as a short cut to Braintree. It avoids the rush-hour jam but as they motor with minds fixed on the day’s work, they miss the many interesting buildings which are testimony to Bocking’s vibrant history.”

“The older houses reflect Bocking’s rich history.

“The beautiful Saint Mary’s Church, with Saxon roots stretching back to Aetheric, was the scene of Keith Flint’s funeral in March.” Ms Coles has been painting buildings in Bocking for several years.

In 2017, she was a prize-winner at the Braintree Open Art Exhibition thanks to her

picture of the New Deanery Care Home.

This year’s exhibition, called Local Places – Friendly Faces was officially opened yesterday and runs each day until Thursday, October 31.