A school is Gosfield is joining a global effort to help young people’s wellbeing.

St Margaret’s Prep School took part in Global Be Well day last Friday.

They joined 45,000 children around the world to draw attention to the vital impact positive mental, physical and wellbeing can have on education.

Organised by Cognita the day featured 74 schools taking part in child-led activities on topics such as asleep, healthy lifestyles, social media and screen time.

Headteacher, Callum Douglas said: “This is Cognita’s first Global Be Well Day and allowed us all to learn more about looking after ourselves and looking out for each other.

“St Margaret’s has a great tradition of pastoral care and an event like this, allowed our children to lead and embrace activities that encourage self-care, fitness and reflection in a meaningful and fun way.”

Everyone in the school took part with the activities ranging from games, to exploring a nature reserve, colouring and yoga.