A festival held in memory of a talented musician who was killed in a car crash returned last weekend.

Corran ‘Coz’ Powell, 21, died with friend James Simmons, 18, when a driver high on drink and drugs ploughed in the car he was driving in December 2014.

Coz, from Gosfield, donated his liver, kidneys and pancreas, which enabled two people to make it home in time for Christmas.

He also donated stem cells and his heart became part of Papworth Hospital’s donation after circulatory death research, which resulted in Europe’s first non-beating heart transplant.

Coz’s mother Gennie Powell organised the festival, which included live music, a beer tent, picnic areas and stall.

However, she admitted she was disappointed with the turn-out.

She said: “It was beautiful- we had a really lovely looking site, packed with things to do and see and the atmosphere was exactly what we wanted.

“Unfortunately, we had less than 200 people through the gates.

“We were also horribly let down by the booked and confirmed generator failing to arrive.

“My eldest son has to rush off 90 minutes before we opened and managed to get one from the wonderful people at Dale Hire in Braintree.”

The generator which should have supplied power to the festival, at Sible Hedingham, had been stolen a few weeks earlier.

Gennie said: “Without Dale Hire and Sam Hayden from Knight Group in Kelvedon, the whole thing would have been completely pointless, they really rescued us.

“Although we were disappointed with the turn-out, all the trader were so supportive and helpful.”

The organisers are planning to have a meeting to make some changed to next year’s plans but said they are not going to give up on carrying on Coz’s legacy and love for music.