A rat-infested former industrial estate is finally to be pulled down to make way for housing.

The former Broomhills Industrial Estate has been vacant since the last business relocated to a different part of Braintree, and the site has become a magnet for vandals.

Since then several planning applications have been denied including two proposals for new supermarkets.

But now Braintree Council has given the green light for 81 new homes on the site.

Councillor John McKee said: “I have been a councillor for almost 12 years and this site has almost been a problem for that whole time.

“This sight has been a problem since the last business relocated.

“However, it’s not all support, I think there are some residential issues that need to be attended to.

“There needs to be access to the school for children and parents, they need a safe route to St Michaels C of E Primary School for children who live west of Pods Brook Road. The bridge has been cut off to them since the site has been boarded up.”

The site is due to have 59 houses and 22 flats.

Planning permission has also been granted for 78 new homes to be build on Appletree Farm, Cressing, with 31 affordable units.

The scheme also proposes two parking spaces per two-bedroom property and one space per one-bedroom property, as well as 22 visitor parking spaces around the site.