A CENTRE set up to help the community has celebrated its first birthday.

Over the past year, Witham Community Hub has been a haven for anyone in the community to go and feel welcomed by the team of volunteers, led by manager Belinda Bouttell.

Many volunteers give their services to keep the cost down as the hub doesn’t take profits, any money made goes into keeping it up and running.

Chair of volunteers Tina Townsend said: “We are really pleased with how the day went.

“It was so well attended by local businesses and we are really proud of how Witham’s businesses have got behind us.

“When we took the hub on it was an empty shell.

“It’s the little things that make it special, even putting up bunting makes it more inviting.

“The hub was clearly needed as we have managed to help lots of different people who have been affected by things happening in the town.”

The team were also excited to announce they have now signed up with Aldi food stores, and from the start of October will be opening a community fridge which will have the potential to distribute food to those in the community who really need it.

If the fridge is successful, they would like to extend the idea to other food stores they are currently in talks with.

Organisers say the first year of the hub has been very successful.

Most recently it opened a clothes bank where families could come in with old school uniforms that no longer fit and the team could give them out to anyone in need.

Over the next few months the team are hoping to decorate the centre with the help of volunteers.

Tina added: “We know we have a long way to go, but so many local businesses have come forward and said they can help.

“We particularly have to thank Belinda Bouttell – she volunteers and doesn’t get paid and without her support it wouldn’t be possible.”

For more information on Witham Community Hub follow the Facebook page @Community HubWitham.