A BRAINTREE man has scooped a prestigious award for his work volunteering in the office of the Essex police, fire and crime commissioner.

Rich Wicks received the Special Mention Award as part of a Volunteers Appreciation Event in Whitbread Barns, Chelmsford, last week.

Police commissioner Roger Hirst said: “Rich helps out over all three of the volunteering roles in the office. He is a joy to be around and is keen to do any task set for him.

“When thinking of words to describe this individual, a comment made by a fellow team member summed him up perfectly, describing him as ‘the glue that keeps the team together’.

“The hours of dedication and diligence Rich has given is incalculable when also taking account of the support he provides to both his colleagues and the office.

“No task is ever too big, no ask too small – he delivers over and again. Even when halfway around the world, if a report needs to be sent, Rich sends it.”