AIRPORT staff have been lending a green-fingered helping hand to keep Braintree clean.

A team from Stansted have been taking time off work to spruce up the area.

In the past year, 350 employees have volunteered 7,000 hours of their time to the local community.

Recently they have helped tidy land surrounding Millard House care home in Bocking and Easton Lodge gardens near Dunmow.

Airside security officer and Bocking resident Cheryl Ferris said: “You don’t realise how rewarding volunteering is until you do it.

“It makes you feel good knowing your time and effort means so much to someone else.”

Programme delivery manager Paul Grimwood, who spent a day volunteering at Easton Lodge, said: “I’m a regular visitor to the gardens with my family so it was an absolute pleasure to take the team out and support this excellent project.”

Sue Wells, of Millard House care home, said: “We have all been very pleased with the results and the painted fence really looks fresh and smart.

“The money that we would have spent on painting the fence can now be used to bring in an outside entertainer or some other type of treat which will benefit everyone.