A BROTHER and sister came to their mum's rescue when she had a seizure which left her unconscious for more than one hour.

Sarah Dakin, 39, was at home in Braintree with her children George, 11, Olivia, 8, and Poppy, 2, when she suffered the epileptic episode.

The duo sprung into action to help their mum putting into action skills they learnt at their Scout and Brownie groups just one week before.

Sarah said: "Olivia put me in the recovery position and then she went next door to see if the neighbours were at home but unfortunately they weren't.

"George called my nan, auntie and husband to tell them what was happening and after ten minutes he made the decision to call for an ambulance as I wasn’t coming round and he could not tell I was not breathing.

"They were both on their own with me for over 20 minutes as they were waiting for family to get through traffic.

"During this time they were both looking after Poppy and George kept checking to see if he could hear me breathing and talking to me because that's what my husband, Craig, does when I have a normal seizure."

Sarah said that when her grandmother and aunt arrived at the house they feared the worst.

She said: "They both thought I was dead and could not see or hear me breathing.

"Once the paramedics arrived George got all of my medical records up on my phone and showed them where my medication was kept while Olivia played with Poppy.

"The paramedics worked on me to try and get me stable when my husband arrived home.

"My husband has seen me have many seizures but he had never known me to not respond so he was amazed at how well the children had coped. "I'm extremely proud and amazed at how calm the children were and how much they both did."

She said their membership at their scout and brownie groups in Braintree meant they knew exactly what to do.

Sarah explained: "Had Olivia not learnt first aid at brownies she would not of known how to put me in the recovery position and George would not of learnt how to do first aid and check for breathing and my pulse had he not been a scout."

Since saving their mum, Olivia has been awarded the girl-guiding north-east Essex young persons award and George has picked up a prize from the Scouts.

Olivia’s Brownies have also held a bingo night raise to money for the Epilepsy Society and raised a massive £163.30.