THERE are a lot of heavy TV shows around right now.

Quite rightly there are myriad efforts to make us see how terribly we are treating the planet and documentaries about how everything is so uncertain and dark.

Not to mention the televised debates for a political decision affecting then nation but which few of us will have any say in when the time comes.

But moving swiftly on, and speaking volumes about me and the shallow person I am, the shows which are bringing me most joy now are pretty pointless.

Top of that list is surely Gogglebox Celebrities which has a full series now, presumably on the back of its success as a Stand Up for Cancer fundraiser.

Not sure if this is raising any money anywhere, hopefully it is as it will make me feel better about being ever so slightly obsessed with it, but it is just the antidote on a Friday night for what may or may not have been a tough week.

The assortment of famous types they have lined up is quite genius - Little Mix watching Killing Eve ?

Westlife discussing cat mummification ? yes please.

Even Chris Eubank is given a chance to appear almost normal, appearing alongside his son who doesn’t really say much with words but speaks volumes with his facial expressions.

Maybe some of the lines have been fed to them, a la the version with the hoi polloi, but you probably wouldn’t know and it only adds to the fun.

If you only watch one clip of this, it should be their reactions to watching Nigella Lawson on one of her cookery shows.

Often, it is what we are all thinking - who puts on rubber gloves to handle frozen food ? Nigella does.

And with so many channels to choose from now the producers can pretty much plump for what they think must be the most entertaining for their celebs to tune into.

As ever, we all have favourites and former Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw and his niece, who is an adult I hasten to add, are among mine.

They need a chat show of their own.

As do 80s popstar Martin Kemp and his DJ son Roman Kemp.

Their reaction to watching Fatal Attraction together was priceless.

I wonder how long they film them for though ?

Do they actually watch the entirety of each show, because if they do this would amount to hours of viewing - often to only appear for about a minute on each show.

Surely they just show them a few clips and get them to chat.

I am probably over-thinking it.

I definitely am - but this is also a great opportunity to view the famous types in their natural habitats.

It is doubtful they are all being filmed in their own homes but I do relish the little sections where you see them just chatting about life or something that happened to them that day.

This natural kind of approach is something which works so well for Graham Norton’s long-running show.

They are less an interview than a chance for the guests to interact and let their actual personalities shine through.

I really think they need to get Andy Murray on there - so many people think he is boring and lacking in charisma but I bet if you got him on the famous Norton sofa and brought on a few other sporting stars, their anecdotes would reveal him as a bit of a raconteur.

I will leave that thought there for you.