I WRITE regarding your report on Page 14 (June 6, "

33-homes plan will open floodgates for developers


The protest group Bahgrag have every reason to be wary of the future plans of development in the area.

The previous plans for land off of Bocking Church Street and for land near Grovefield do not give the whole picture and have been changed several times.

The previous submissions appear to make no mention of the fact there is a clay pigeon shoot at Fennes Farm.

This is open during daylight hours from Monday to Friday and on Saturday morning.

The noise from the shoot can be heard clearly at the proposed sites and, depending on the wind direction, can be heard as far away as at Pattiswick, Panfield, Stisted, Bradwell, Gosfield and Beasley End.

The developers are probably hiding behind the "buyer beware" strategy.

Take my advice and talk to the locals.

Mick Hutley,

Ashpole Road, Bocking