The letter from Jo Beavis (May 23, "We're determined to make difference”) sets out a case the residents of the district voted for change by quoting a figure of 10,711 as those that voted for change, meaning those that voted for the Independent/Green “Alliance”.

This number represents a tiny percentage of the residents in the district, which means an overwhelming number did not vote for the change that Cllr Beavis offers.

As Cllr Beavis is well aware, she supported the emerging local plan as a member of the Conservative group on the district council and the authority’s resilience against speculative developers is enhanced with the council being able to demonstrate a five year housing supply.

Braintree Council can, at this moment in time, do that.

Furthermore, on affordable housing numbers, again Cllr Beavis is off the mark with Braintree Council delivering a near record delivery of 165 affordable homes last year.

Lastly, I was surprised to see Cllr Beavis suggesting the residents of Braintree felt disenfranchised by not having a town council, with all the additional overhead and costs that would land.

I would be interested how many of the 44,000 residents in Braintree and Bocking are asking for a town council?

I can tell you no one has come forward to ask for more local politicians to represent them and there are now more Conservatives in Braintree and Bocking after the election than before the election.

I fear the letter from Cllr Beavis under the headline should have been headed: “We chase headlines, no case for a change”.

The voters across our district returned a majority Conservative administration, who campaigned on a manifesto promise to continue to deliver what is important to residents: health, homes, journeys and jobs.

Cllr John McKee

Chairman, Braintree Constituency Conservative Association