The front page of my Times (May 30) is overwhelmed by news James Cleverly, a parliamentary minister of two months, thinks he should be Prime Minister.

Permit me a slight yawn.

His delusional candidature in this increasingly embarrassing Conservative Party circus has nothing to do with any likelihood of his unrealistic ambition being realised.

It is to do with his post leader election job prospects.

I read some time ago in your paper that his Braintree constituency contains "the worst performing GP practice in the country".

I attended a hustings meeting at St Peter's Church during a general election where Mr Cleverly claimed that the dysfunctional St Lawrence doctors surgery would be "his first priority if elected".

I would not so respectfully suggest the scope of his ambitions might be better focussed on more pressing local issues.

Gerry Gardiner


Editor's note - This letter was sent in before Mr Cleverly announced he was no longer running in the Conservative leadership contest