A BRAND new exhibit all about a Braintree street which has been a “vital artery” since Roman times has been unveiled at a museum.

The Bradford Street History Wall has been installed at Braintree Museum and is packed with information about those who lived there, who worked there and its architectural history.

It includes a historic map of the street, while an interactive screen shows videos, photos and ancient documents as well as other parts of The Friends of Bradford Street’s archive.

FOBS’ Peter Bayley said: “The wall gives a fascinating insight into local history for residents and all other visitors to Braintree District Museum.

“A continuous stream of information about the people and the history of Bradford Street is available through the interactive touch-screen.

“This complements the wall’s wealth of graphic and easily-digestible details. Visitors can take in the historic information, then visit our historic street, just minutes away.”

Designers Ian Lamprell and Dave Marsden produced the wall which is based on an information board installed in 2018 in Bradford Street itself.

Money for the project was provided by the Braintree Council’s Community Grant Scheme, The Braintree Society and The Friends Of Bradford Street.

My Bayley added: “Our local councillors have shown that they share our pride in Bradford Street and the local heritage that it represents.

“The Braintree Society have added The Bradford Street History Wall to their list of valuable heritage projects that they have funded for the town. FOBS are very grateful for the generous financial support provided by each of them.

“Our sincere thanks also go to Braintree District Museum’s Trust and management team for making this possible.”

Museum trust chairperson, Sheila Charrington, said: “The new display on the history of Bradford Street is a fabulous addition to the museum gallery.

“It is wonderful to have more information about such an historically important road in our town for our visitors.

“Thank you to the hard work of the Friends of Bradford Street team, who were able to make this happen.”