A CURIO connoisseur famous for his appearances on the Antiques Roadshow is bringing the spirit of the classic television programme to the Witham Public Hall next month.

Eric Knowles’ brand-new touring show, What’s It Worth?, sees the veteran presenter display his bountiful knowledge of antiques while also giving the audience a chance to meet Eric and bring their own treasures and heirlooms along for an on-stage appraisal.

The evaluations of any items presented to Eric will be shown up on a big screen giving the audience the chance to inspect the antiques in greater detail, like they would if they were watching the legendary television show.

He said: “I’m there to answer the questions that the owner may have had all throughout the time that they’ve owned it, or perhaps through most of their lives.’’

“It’s going to be light-hearted and what I call ‘infotainment’.’’

Knowles will also share an intimate view into his life as a big name in the antiques business as he talks the audience through the unorthodox way he got started and sharing anecdotes about his life growing up.

He said: “I’ll chat about items I’ve handled, tell a few shaggy-dog stories and we can all just have a good laugh.

“It really isn’t what you’re expecting and hopefully once you’ve experienced it, you’ll know why, so expect the unexpected.”

Eric has spent more than 30 years in the antiques business, specialising in ceramics, glass, art deco, art nouveau and Asian artwork. But is there any particular item he has been gifted or evaluated that holds a special place in his heart?

He said: “I think throughout my time, the thing that stayed with me was when Royal Doulton made a character jug of me.

“I think that’s the highest accolade you could possibly ask for if you’re a ceramicist like me.”

Eric Knowles’ What’s It Worth? show will take place at the Witham Public Hall on Friday June 7.

Doors open at 7pm and the performance starts 8pm.

Tickets cost £17.50 or £17 for concessions and can be bought from www.withampublichall.co.uk.