A FLORAL extravaganza is paying homage to some of the country’s grandest and oldest architectural structures this weekend.

An annual flower festival, hosted by St Mary’s Church in Bocking, as part of the well-attended Bocking Village fayre, is entitled Cathedral Cities.

It will take inspiration and reference from some of UK’s most iconic landmarks and ancient buildings.

Passionate horticulturalists with an infatuation for decorative perennials or tulips that give off a heavenly, fragment aroma, will be able to marvel at more than 30 colourful and blossoming collections displayed throughout the church’s placid and spacious grounds.

The glorious gardens of the 15th century place of worship will also see visitors put their accuracy to the test on the coconut shy, explore the quirky stalls and taste the succulent offerings from the barbecue.

Rev Rod Reid said: ‘‘For many, cathedrals are an essential stop when we are visiting a city - whether that be to capture something of the spirituality of the place, or maybe its history and stunning architecture.

‘‘Our arrangers have been working hard on their displays but now everything goes from plans to reality, and seeing the church transformed as these wonderful displays go in is incredible.

‘‘This will be my fifth Flower Festival at St Mary’s and I can’t wait.’’

The Flower Festival opens at St Mary’s Church, Bocking tomorrow and will run until May 7.

A donation is suggested upon entry.