A BRAINTREE wellness coach is celebrating her 25th anniversary with a renowned weight loss company.

Alison Richardson has worked for Weight Watchers for a quarter of a century, after initially joining as a member hoping to lose four stone back in 1993.

Since being offered a job by her then fitness coach, Alison has run ten workshops a week, contributing to more than 325,000lbs of weight loss, encouraging healthy habits, and helping hundreds of people regain their confidence.

Alison said: ‘‘When I joined Weight Watchers as a member 26 years ago, I could never have imagined I would devote a quarter of a century to the company which helped me get healthy.

‘‘It has never ever felt like work and I loved helping people get healthy and it was fantastic to see the changes in them.

‘‘Members have become friends over the years and it’s about so much more than losing weight.

‘‘It’s all about what they gain, not about what they lose.”