UP to 10,000 bees have buzzed off and been rehomed after surprising a family who had just moved into their new house.

Christian Dysinski and his family were left dealing with the unbee-lievable situation after moving into their new home in John English Avenue, in Braintree.

All seemed well until it came to doing some DIY in Christian’s son’s room and the wallpaper was removed to reveal a cavity behind it was occupied.

Mr Dysinski, 31, said: “We were steaming this old wallpaper off the wall and we began to hear this buzzing sound.

“Suddenly the room was just full of bees.

“It’s hard to put an exact number on how many there were but when the bee keeper came he said that most nests at this time of year would have around 10,000.

“It wasn’t too bad and the main thing was making sure that they weren’t killed and didn’t come to any harm.

“We had a few small issues as you do when you move but everything was fine really other than the bees - we gave Greenfields a call and they were brilliant in sorting it all out.”

Braintree and Witham Times: Firmly attached: A piece of brickwork covered in honeycombFirmly attached: A piece of brickwork covered in honeycomb

The bees were removed by the house by Graham Smith, from Advantage Pest Control, before a beekeeper took the insects to a private hive in White Notley.

Graham said: “They would have been in there for years, there were between 5,000 and 10,000 of them.

“I wouldn’t say they were too happy about being moved but the children were terrified so they had to come out.

“It’s a case removing the queen bee and some pieces of honeycomb and then vacuuming them up with a handheld electrical hoover.”

Scaffolding was put up on the outside of the home to give bee keeper Roger Elkington and Graham a better chance at getting to the bees.

Braintree and Witham Times: Removal: Greenfields put up scaffolding to help get the bees outRemoval: Greenfields put up scaffolding to help get the bees out

Graham added: “We’re starting to get more calls now as the weather gets warmer but the tenants did the right thing in giving Greenfields a call.

“People who contact us to ask for help often say they’re allergic to bees - but so am I.

“It’s just a case of not panicking because if you see a swarm they could just be resting rather than building a nest.”