ORGANISERS of a fun-filled fete are hoping visitors can help them make history this weekend, as they try to set an ambitious world record.

The Fun Fayre in the Gardens, which is taking place in the Braintree and Bocking Public Gardens on Sunday and will see hundreds of guests fill the community greenery, has designated a section of its exciting itinerary to a Guinness World Record attempt for the largest human image of a teacup.

For the attempt to be successful, however, at least 250 people will need to stand for more than five minutes in an area depicting the shape of a cup of brew, so the event’s promoters are encouraging attendees to assist their quest for success and rally together in a bid to secure a place in the history books.

As a way of documenting what will hopefully be a successful and unprecedented attempt, cameras will be used to film and take photos of participants, who will be dressed in all white clothing as they try to mirror the structure of everyone’s favourite hot drink.

The evidence will then be sent to top Guinness officials for verification and once the legitimacy of the attempt is confirmed, anyone who took park will receive an official Guinness World Records’ medal.

Speaking about the reason behind trying to achieve the human teacup record, which is in conjunction with the chairman of the council Venna Santomauro’s charity year, Braintree and Bocking Gardens’ treasurer George Canvin Cristian said:

‘‘We were going to attempt a record for the largest ever cream tea party, which would have seen 1000 people attend, but we then got the heads up that a council down South were planning to do a cream tea party with 2000 people.

‘‘So, we decided to go for the biggest human image of a teacup instead, because we still wanted to keep the tea party idea, and obviously at tea parties, you have teacups.

‘‘We’re expecting 500 people to come, so I think we will get the record.’’

Elsewhere at the funfair, a carnival atmosphere will filter through the fields as hundreds of visitors learn how to perform circus tricks, become enthralled by walkabout entertainers, acrobats and enjoy live music.

To take part in the Guinness World Record attempt, the cost of entry to the fair, which will take place between 10.30am-5.30pm, will be £7.50.

Standard entry for adults is £2.50 and under 16s can enter for free.

Visit to buy tickets.