A RACING driver will use his participation in a televised motorsport competition to champion a charity that has provided his friend’s daughter with podium-placing care.

William Stacey, 19, from Cressing, is taking part in the Britcar Endurance Championship later this summer at Snetterton race track to raise money for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

The 2017 National Lotus Champion became involved when his friend, Sam Tomlinson, decided he wanted to highlight the organisation for the support they gave his daughter Molly after she was born with a rare genetic abnormality.

The uncommon illness, that currently only affects three other people in the world, is severely damaging and stifling to her AFF4 gene and the development of Molly’s vital organs, such as her heart and lungs.

As a result, uncertainty looms over the severity of the complications the four-month-old may face in the future, but with close to £7000 already raised, the driving duo are doing their bit to ensure young patients like Molly can continue to receive the same quality of care she did.

William, who first got in to racing after becoming obsessed with indoor go-karting more than ten years ago, said: ‘‘Combining raising money for an important charity - which clearly has much personal meaning to Sam - with our collective passion for motor racing, seemed a brilliant idea and as it is such a popular series with a strong reputation, Britcar was the competition of choice.

‘‘We will be driving the Ginetta GT4 race car against Aston Martins and McLaren’s during two hour-long races, where myself and Sam will share the driving – I’m confident we will get a win.’’

Baby Molly, who was discharged from hospital last week after being considered stable enough to go home for the first time since being born in December, has also spent two weeks in Gt. Ormand Street Hospital where she had potentially life-saving heart surgery.

William believes Molly's determination to overcome such hardship and ill-fortune at such an embryonic age, however, is further testament to her strength of character.

He said: ‘‘Molly has now made it home after months of fighting in Addenbrooke's, something most adults would hardly be able to manage, let alone a baby.

‘‘She is clearly very strong and the way the family has always remained positive is hugely impressive."

If you would like to donate visit justgiving.com/fundraising/sam-tomlinson5.