TEN youngsters picked up prizes celebrating the hard work they do to make sure a charity for other children can stay open.

The Braintree Youth Project Charity, which is based in St Michael’s Road, launched its brand new awards ceremony at its latest AGM.

The project is a drop-in centre for children aged between 11 and 18, and helps youngsters make the most of the opportunities they have and flourish.

At the centre children are encouraged to be themselves, make friends and find support, while events and activities are held on a regular basis.

Youth worker Jon Hughes said: “We’ve had such a great year and we wanted to do something special to honour all of the effort and enthusiasm we see every week among the young people and volunteers.

“We watch young people of every race, gender, class and religion growing and learning in their lives and it’s amazing.

“It is such a privilege to support and celebrate them.

“The awards were named the ‘Glendas’ in honour of Glenda Worth, who founded the Hut Youth Centre, which grew into the Braintree Youth Project Charity, a number of years ago.

“She was also there to make the presentations and it was great fun and a privilege to be a part of celebrating young people and volunteers and speaking positively about them.

“Many of their parents, carers and families were able to watch and cheer them on.

“We will definitely do this again.”

Jay Clark and Abby Crick picked up awards for going above and beyond in their care for a vulnerable young person, while Dave Thompson received the award for volunteering.

Willow Fisher, Liam Gill, Liam Gough and Shaun Hart were also given prizes recognising their roles in supporting the charity.

Jack Petchey Awards were received by Georgie Chandler and Leah Huxter, while Ryan Watkins was nominated to receive the Jack Petchey Award for the Volunteer of the Year.

Chair Nigel Warner added: “Our work is only possible because of donations of money and time, together with frenetic fundraising.”

To donate, email contact@braintreeyouth.org.uk.