If our council had any pride in Braintree town centre they would be tackling the ongoing problem of broken paviours.

They seem to think having a monthly "extra" market is all Braintree needs to make people visit. It isn't.

A town with clean streets that are safe to walk without fear of tripping over, free from people on bikes and skateboards riding dangerously on paths, kids playing football games in the Market Street/Place area narrowly missing pedestrians is what will attract shoppers and visitors.

At least that would be a start.

I have run a business in Market Street for 27 years and as long as I can remember these problems have been going on.

We have repeatedly reported broken paviours to no avail.

When they finally do repair them it is the same ones that break again within weeks which proves they are not repaired adequately.

Market vehicles drive over them in the Market Place area and they are simply not strong enough to withstand the weight.

As for the Highways spokesman, I can only suggest he/she goes to Specsavers (other opticians are available).

There has been a broken slab outside number 5 Market Street for more than two months so bad it wobbles.

There are two further ones in New Street and many more just breaking.

The edging along the parking bay in Market Place has almost all of the stone edging slabs damaged.

The reasons given by said spokesman for people tripping are ludicrous, as are the reasons for ambulances all picking up in Market Place.

If someone trips in Bank Street they would not send an ambulance to Market Place because it is a "rendezvous place".

Zero out of ten for Highways Essex. Must do better.

Sylvia Thorogood

Hedingham Models

Market Street, Braintree