Police have issued a cheeky message to suspected thieves who are thought to have stolen a construction vehicle.

Officers from the Essex Police Gypsy, Traveller & Rural Engagement Team have taken to social media to confirm they found stolen machinery yesterday afternoon.

It comes after a similar vehicle was stolen from a construction site in Hatfield Road, Witham at around 9.15pm on Friday.

The developer working on the site has informed the Times their vehicle, thought to be the one pictured, has been recovered.

The GTRET has now offered the suspects behind the theft the chance to to hand themselves in during a cheeky appeal on Twitter.

They wrote: “If you stole this Manitou, don’t bother collecting it. The team found it before you got back. Give us a call if you fancy a chat or wait for the forensic report and we will give you an early morning wake up call.”

A spokesman for Essex Police says enquiries are ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact 101.