A MAGIC table to help residents with learning disabilities has been installed at a care home.

Drummonds, in Feering, is the first in Essex to get one of the tables which has games designed to stimulate physical and social activity.

It has been developed in The Netherlands specifically for people with a learning disabilities and can be played independently and under supervision.

It is called the 'Tovertafel' which loosely translates to 'the magic table' and there is no winning or losing and no rules to remember.

Susan Webster, from the home, said: "This is a really fantastic piece of equipment that will bring a lot of enjoyment to the residents and the respite visitors we have each week.

"The great thing about the Tovertafel is it brings people together to have fun while still being mentally stimulating.

"It really feels like the next generation of care.

"To have this facility will allow us to continue with our commitment to enhance the lives of others by introducing a range of innovative technology."