A POPULAR pub chain is holding a nationwide beer fiesta, and two Braintree and Witham watering holes are taking part in the revelry.

As part of the Wetherspoon Real Ale and Cider Festival, local taverns the Picture Palace and the Battesford Court will each be stocked with an exclusive selection of more than 20 international tipples from China, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, the USA and the UK for the duration of the 12-day event.

Serial drinkers looking for a taste of the world will be able to sink gallons of sweeter-flavoured and more traditional-tasting beverages, including China’s Contender EPA, the Brazilian Aggro Bear and South African import Gypsy Mark Red. All of the drinks have been brewed on home soil by expert beer scientists who have travelled from their native countries to the UK in order to give the British public, who consume more than 15,000 pints of a alcohol every minute, an intoxicating cultural awakening.

If you would prefer your tipples to be more locally produced, Moonraker and Old Sea Dog will be just some of the many British offerings to look out for when heading to the bar.

Battesford Court manager Joanne Gilchrist said: “We are promising our customers a superb range of beers from overseas and across the UK.

“The festival will be the perfect way for real ale enthusiasts to enjoy a range of excellent beers.”

All the beers and ciders will be priced at just £1.99 a pint and customers will be able to sample any three of the real ales or ciders in special third-of-a-pint glasses for the same price of a pint.

The Real Ale and Cider Festival started yesterday and runs until Sunday, April 7.