COUNCIL bosses have been urged to make further investment in Braintree town centre to help the regeneration of Manor Street leave a lasting legacy.

Demetra Lindsay, a trustee of Braintree District Museum, called on councillors to focus on other areas of the town during Tuesday’s crucial meeting where the plans were approved.

Mrs Lindsay said the museum, which is opposite the development site, supported the scheme but wanted to see more done to improve the town.

She said: “We do have some concerns on the impact of the scheme.

Braintree and Witham Times:

  • Site - the area of Manor Street included in the regeneration

“The main concern is that the council’s focus has understandably been on the economics of the development but we do not want the regeneration momentum created to be a one-hit wonder.

“We hope the energy of the council can now promote and strengthen what the development can do for Braintree, focusing on culture, heritage, tourism and well-being.

“We have the leadership, talent, ideas and places, but we need the investment to ensure the legacy of the development will endure.”

Councillor Patricia Newton, who moved approval of the plans, echoed Mrs Lindsay’s calls for further investment and said she hoped it would be the start of a complete overhaul of the town centre.

She added: “I think we have to see this development in terms of being a catalyst and opening up other opportunities for improving the town centre and this has always been the case.

“There is potential for shared space and I think we have acknowledged in the past that it is something we should be looking at in the future.

“This will very much be a catalyst I hope for how the town centre develops and is improved in the future.”