A BRAINTREE pub quiz team will appear on a new TV show this evening hosted by a multi-award-winning comedian.

Al Murray’s Great British Pub Quiz sees teams from some of the country’s most popular pubs battle it out in a bid to be crowned quiz champions and take home a £1,000 cash prize.

In the series’ second episode, which airs at 10pm tonight on Quest, production co-ordinator Kevin Edwards, colour manager Mick Ellis and admin manager Paul Britter compete on behalf of the East Street watering hole The Pub.

Tackling a variety of subjects, such as James Bond movies and mating animals, the trio, alongside team captain and panel show regular Andy Parsons, go head-to-head with Helen, Chris and Ian from the Village in Merseyside, and floppy-haired, car-enthusiast James May.

The quizzers became involved with the show after being made aware of the programme’s hunt for teams in an email received by Kevin’s partner.

After sending off an application, several interviews via email, phone and Skype followed, and after enduring a two-week wait, they were finally invited to Al Murray’s studio bar in London.

Speaking about the experience, Kevin, who admits to not being a ‘‘hardcore quizzer’’ said: ‘‘The studios were in Bow.

“We went up there, got fed and watered, and we had to take five different outfits in case we clashed with either the opposition team or the set.

‘‘Our team captain was Andy Parsons and he was really funny and really helpful. If we got a bit shy on screen, he’d help us along.

“I think he gave one or two answers, but we did most of the answering. The whole day was a lot fun.’’

The show plays out in front of a live audience and former EastEnders actor Shaun Williamson, a seasoned quiz champion in his own right, also has a cameo role as Al Murray’s barman.

Kevin and teammate Mick will also host a charity quiz night at the Braintree Rugby Club on Friday, March 22.