An esimated 400 people have signed a petition which opposes Braintree Council's plan to regenerate Manor Street.

The document has allegedly been signed by a mixture of bus drivers and passengers, as well as residents living in Victoria Street, which runs parallel to Manor Street.

The council's planning committee unanimously approved the multimillion pound regeneration scheme during a meeting at Causeway House on Tuesday evening.

The founder of the petition, who the Times agreed not to name, says she is concerned many residents in the town are unaware of the impact the revamp will have on the existing buildings.

Braintree Town Hall, a grade II listed building, sits in front of the site which could soon be home to a new hotel, apartments, cafe and health centre.

She said: "For me, one of the biggest things is the view of the buildings. No one seems to be awake to what it will do to the current architecture vista from the Manor Street car park and the bus station.

"There doesn't seem to be many photos of these views. I think many people will be shocked to see it when it is all finished. Once the buildings are there, it will all be permanent. I'm sure people will hate the noise during the building phase and the disruption it will cause to the buses."

It is hoped the petition will be handed to the council in the near future.