I READ with interest Donna Vivian’s letter in the Times on March 7 about Witham's market.

We recognise the pleasure people experience from visiting a great market.

We are working hard to evolve Witham Market so local people have a great place to go to buy a range of goods, gifts and foods, or just for a wander about, to meet friends and sample some amazing street food.

People wanted us to bring the Braintree Street Market to Witham and that is what we are starting to do.

I would like to clarify we had 27 traders at Witham market on March 2 of which 19 were new, and a further six booked stalls that did not show on the day.

There were more people and more stalls on March 2 and this brought a great atmosphere to the town and positive feedback across social media.

But this is just a start; let’s be positive about encouraging more traders, more choice and more quality to Witham Market.

This is your opportunity to visit and enjoy your market and help it become a great place.

Cllr Tom Cunningham

Councillor responsible for economic development at Braintree Council