FREE exercise classes to get cancer patients and pensioners up and about and feeling the effects of exercise are being held by two personal trainers.

Molly Kelleher, from Braintree, and Kirsty Beckwith, from Tiptree, are holding the special sessions on a voluntary basis at Braintree Town Hall every Monday.

Ms Kelleher said: “It’s something which we’ve been thinking about trying to set-up for a while because we looked around and there wasn’t really anything like this on offer for free.

“We wanted the classes to be completely free so people can benefit from exercise without having to worry about any financial implications.

“If you’re a cancer patient there’s a chance you might have lost your job or be on reduced pay, so money is going to a worry.

“Equally if you’re over the age of 65 you might just be relying on your pension and can’t afford too much.

“There are a lot of people in these groups who aren’t benefitting from exercise and the physical, social and psychological benefits which come with it without having to worry about money.”

The two classes will be held separately on a weekly basis with the first round of sessions starting earlier this week.

Ms Kelleher: “They both went really well. We had some really good feedback and we were really pleased with the turnout too.

“That’s the other element to it – we want it to be something where people can come along and meet new people because we know that loneliness is something which a lot of people are experiencing.”

The duo are working alongside Braintree Council which has allowed them use of the town hall in Market Place each week.

Those who go along will also be given handouts with information about eating healthily and exercises which can be done at home.

The over 65s class runs from 10am until 11am and the cancer rehabilitation class takes place between 11am and noon.

Residents in remission from cancer are also welcome to go along.

Anyone interested in attending can turn up on the day or and anyone with questions is asked to call Molly on 07449978851 or Kirsty on 07854142917.