A TODDLER who fought off a crippling virus to leave hospital and complete a ten-mile bicycle ride raised more than £500 for her preschool.

Three-year-old Erin Burfield, who goes to Little Me Preschool, carried out the impressive challenge over the course of one week after being inspired to raise the cash.

But the Braintree youngster had to fight off a second bout of HSP during the fundraiser after she was originally struck down by the illness last summer.

HSP - Henoch-Schönlein purpura - affects the blood vessels and causes a spotty rash but also left Erin with swelling and bruising on her arms and legs.

It returned as she was gearing up for the final stint of her ride and forced her to spend a day in hospital.

But she was not to be beaten and completed the last stretch from the Freeport shopping village to her preschool just over one week later.

Samantha Burfield, Erin's mother, said: "After last summer Lisa, the manager, was talking to us about wanting to make the outside area even more fun for the children but unfortunately the equipment she wanted was rather expensive.

"Erin said that she would like us to give the preschool some money and this started a conversation about doing something big to raise funds.

"This is when Erin decided she wanted to do a bike ride for her preschool and we discussed completing ten miles over one week.

"We're extremely proud of her - for her to think of the idea more or less all by herself is just brilliant.

"The aim was initially £200 and we thought that might be a bit of a push. But when we set up the fundraising page it suggested £200 so that's what we went for.

"We never thought she would manage to raise this much."

In total, the tot managed to raise an impressive £525 thanks to donations from family members and friends and her parent's work colleagues.

Preschool manager, Lisa Marshall, said: “We’re really chuffed, for Erin to do all of this completely off her own back is brilliant.

“I’ve wanted a sand and water tray which can be tucked away for the outside area, because it’s not very big, and I’ve managed to buy that this morning for £100.

“I’ve also printed off a little picture of it and given it to Erin. The rest of the money will go on resources for both inside and outside.”