A SISTER is hoping to help her brother find some answers about his life as a youngster with the help of these photographs.

Janine Meyer, who is from Switzerland, is sharing the above image of her mother and brother in the hope someone will recognise them and be able to offer some information.

It shows her brother, Rex Pressl, and her mother, Elfriede Pressl, and it is believed to have been taken in Braintree in 1950.

Rex was born in Braintree in August 1949 but he knows very little about his life in the UK up to the point the family left for Switzerland in 1952.

Janine said: "Our mother passed away three years ago and she left my brother back without any answers to his past or to his descent.

"Something must have happened in 1952 because my mother left England overnight without leaving a word to her sister.

"The family never talked about my mothers time in England and there are only a few things we know.

"My mother was very happy in England - her brother said, that she had never been the same she once was after she left and she never returned until 1976."

Rex, who is now 69 years old, has lived in Switzerland ever since he left the UK while Janine was born in the country in 1960.

Janine said: "My mother had a real large knowledge about style, furniture, sewing, porcelain and design.

"There also must be a hint to horses; there‘s a picture of her with my brother near a large stable and there is also one with an unknown lady.

"Somebody also told us that the surname of my brother's father was Parker and that he was a USGI and left her - which I can‘t believe."

A passenger list for the USNS General LeRoy Eltinge which set sail from Southampton for New York in August 1952, the year the family left the UK for Switzerland, lists a Rex R Parker.

Janine said: "We think, that Mr Rex R Parker, may be the father of Rex.

"It is a wish of him (her brother) to find just a few answers and I'm trying to help him."