No ballot paper has ever had a box marked “certainty”.

And no-one has ever been able to predict the future other than to know from history that change is inevitable and unstoppable.

But the crescendo of noise from those with most to lose from Brexit because of their vested interests or potentially tarnished political reputations is being amplified rather than questioned by our national media. especially the publicly funded BBC, keen to stir up controversy rather than inform.

This cacophony drowns out the voices which made themselves heard through the ballot box in 2016 and now, more than ever, want to see a real Brexit through in March.

I am prepared to believe Theresa May’s deal is the best anyone could have negotiated with an intransigent EU but, unless an unequivocal and unambiguous escape route from the backstop can be negotiated, it will leave this country enmeshed without any say into the EU potentially forever.

The EU then, understandably, will act in its own interests and pay little heed to those of Britain.

Whereas leaving on World Trade Organisation terms without the expensive one-sided Withdrawal Treaty is what we voted to do, if necessary, in 2016 and what an overwhelming majority of MPs voted for, whatever they may say now, when they triggered Article 50, which quite clearly says it is notice to leave with no ifs and no buts.

A clean World Trade Organisation Brexit holds nothing to be feared and we are much better prepared for it than the government and establishment are letting on.

Behind the remorseless prophecies of economic Armageddon, the Brexit doubters and People’s Vote brigade may have failed to notice the EU are putting in place bilateral agreements which will keep planes flying, the wheels of lorries turning, tourists travelling, food and drug supplies flowing and commerce, banking and financial services working smoothly.

EU citizens and businesses have more to lose by not agreeing the basis upon which it can continue to trade with and benefit from a major world economy and champion of free trade on its doorstep.

A super Canada trade deal is sure to follow soon after a clean World Trade Organisation Brexit underpinned by these bilateral deals which will lead to a far more prosperous and mutually beneficial arrangement for Britain and its European partners.

It may be unfashionable but I am convinced the same passion, belief and commitment which won the Referendum despite the doom-mongers is what will ensure Great Britain will make a success of Brexit and the global opportunity it offers.

It is no accident that, since we voted to Leave, people from around the world continue to want to live, work, invest, visit, play, create and study in this country.

So let us make sure we do not squander this once in a lifetime opportunity.

John May

Former Chairman, Business for Britain - East of England

Arkesden (near Saffron Walden)