COUNCILLOR Susan Barker’s letter regarding libraries and the so-called consultation was not at all convincing.

As far as I can understand from last Tuesday’s county council meeting, the decision has already been made to close all the libraries on their Tier 4 list with no further consultation.

I shall be happy to be corrected if I have misunderstood.

This is further evidence that county council Tories don’t actually know what goes on in local libraries.

It is not just about borrowing a book. Many libraries offer other services such as meeting places for local community groups, support for local families, children’s activities and much more.

Responsibility for encouraging the use of libraries lies with the councils that run them.

By leaving them to ‘wither on the vine’, then trying to close them because of under use, is absurd.

Closing things is the easy option for the council. Councillor Barker should be supporting communities by defending our libraries and improving them.

It is time we all stood by our local communities and said no more damaging cuts to our local services.

Eileen Davidson

London Road, Feering