A BRAINTREE singer has taken inspiration from home after deciding to film his debut music video at the town’s disused gas works.

Cam Forrester, an independent artist, wrote The Plan (I’m Writing To Complain) before filming it at the former gas holders off Lakes Road in Braintree in a nod to the town’s industrial history.

The 26-year-old, who went to the Alec Hunter Academy, said his passion for the history of his town inspired him to write the song.

Mr Forrester said: “The location used was the former town gas works, which is now disused and has been for about ten years, mainly because our gas is now imported from the North Sea via underground pipes - as a result, these large containers are no-longer required.

“Years ago, they used to twist up high and fill the industrial skyline, above what we now know as Lakes Road but what was at the time Manor Road, leading to Manor Street.

“I can remember gazing in wonder at them from the number 34 bus from Beckers Green to the town centre when I was little, thinking ‘What are those giant things for?’. Well, they used to help fuel our town and people’s lives.”

Mr Forrester works as a supervisor at Screwfix, in Braintree, but says his passion is music and is trying to establish himself as a solo artist.

He said: “The video is a salute to, and celebration of Braintree’s industrial past, and an immortalisation of the gas holders themselves on film as sadly, like the Lake and Elliot Foundry, Courtaulds Mill, Crittalls Factory, and so many others, they will likely make way for new developments before too long.

“There is also a compilation of rare photos from yesteryear at the end of the video, along with some background information.

“The video was a self-funded, non-profit production, and was made purely for historic and artistic purposes - and for anyone who remembers the area years ago, when it was still thriving.”

Search ‘Cam Forrester’ on YouTube to watch the video. The video, published earlier this week, has already had more than 4,000 views.

Fellow musician Lewis Perry features on lead guitar in the song and the video was shot by Braintree photographer Terry Crouch.