Visitors flocked to a historic house in a bid to get into the Christmas spirit.

Paycockes House in Coggeshall opened its doors to the public on Saturday where visitors got the chance to take a look at how the Tudor’s celebrated Christmas.

A host of activities were held throughout the day and it is hoped the event will become a regular event on the calendar.

Manager Kerith Ririe said: “Last year it snowed when we had the event so this was the first proper year.

“We didn’t really know what to expect so we are really pleased with how it went.

“It was an amazing day and we had something like 1,500 people come here and to Grange Barn for a bespoke craft fair.”

“The feedback from visitors has been really good and the house looked fantastic. It was really brought alive with all of the smells and activities going on.” We also had Tudor style decorations set up by the volunteers.”