The MP for Witham has called on the Government to ensure a healthcare centre is delivered.

Priti Patel held a debate in the House of Commons where she addressed health minister Steve Brine and said the centre was needed to provide services and meet demand in the town.

She also called on the Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group and the town’s GPs to reach an agreement on the project, after it emerged this month that some of Witham’s practices were not be fully supportive of the proposals.

Speaking after the debate, Ms Patel said: “We need the new healthcare centre delivered in Witham as a priority.

“It will help meet growing demand and bring new services into the town.

“It is widely backed, but I am disappointed to learn in recent weeks from the Clinical Commissioning Group that not all local GPs are signed up.

“It remains unclear how this situation has emerged as I had previously been advised that three of the practices were on board.”

“It is time to stop dithering and put the needs of local patients first.

“The CCG and local GPs must make progress on this project and I have pressed the Government to make sure this happens.”

As well as the healthcare centre in Witham, Ms Patel raised concerns about GP provision in Tiptree.

She also spoke about the way Virgin Care has managed services at Silver End, primary care across the constituency, pressure on NHS services caused by new developments, and integration of health and social care services.

Ms Patel added: “The management of the surgery in Silver End by Virgin has been appalling.

“Residents are constantly complaining about delays in getting appointments and to add insult to injury Virgin is getting paid 60 per cent more per patient than other practices.

“This reward for failure must stop and the Government needs to intervene ensure services at Silver End improve and change the management if necessary.”