A TOWN centre museum has celebrated its 25th birthday with staff, supporters and, of course, cake.

Guests went along to Braintree District Museum, in Manor Street, to mark the occasion at the former Manor Street School site last Wednesday.

John Baugh, one of the trustees, said: "At the opening of Braintree District Museum on October 31, 1993, more than 400 people attended and over that first weekend more than 1,000 people crossed the threshold to view the transformed school.

"All had played some part either through fund-raising, providing objects or lending their time and expertise voluntarily or professionally to the project.

"The museum explained how Braintree played a unique role in Britain’s industrial development, particularly in the field of textiles.

"Importantly, the museum established links with all the surrounding schools, working on projects that continue today, for example with the Matisse exhibition outreach project, due to open in two weeks’ time.

"Now we take inspiration from the past 25 years to secure the next quarter of a century in our historic museum."

The cake was cut by the chairman of the friends of the museum, Jean Harrison and the rest of the afternoon was spent catching-up.